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Earth Day 2018: Sustainable Decor

 Sustainability doesn't have to stop with the structure of your home- it's very easy to incorporate healthy materials into the design and style of your space as well. Creating a clean living environment has numerous benefits. Decor made from recycled materials such as

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Interior Design Explained: E-Design

E-design differs from in-person interior design in a few ways. The client is responsible for quite a bit more work than would typically be asked of them- which makes it ideal for the D.I.Y.ers and those with a passion for home projects. Clients will be asked to take measurements and photographs of their space as well as provide a simple floorplan to help me visualize their home since I will not physically be there.

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10 Ways to Make Your Home More Sustainable

It's Earth Day!  Have you hugged your favorite tree today? Whether you are looking to renovate your home or make some lifestyle adjustments, there are always ways to improve your carbon footprint on the earth. In honor of this worldwide event, I've come up with 10 ways to celebrate year-round.  Read on, treehuggers!

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