Red Bear Square is every project and business I conjured up as a kid finally being brought to life. Growing up, I took to art in all forms; theatre, sketching, photography, painting, dance, the list goes on. This lead to college- FIDM in San Francisco is where I got my degree in interior design. Today, my passion for art and design is so strong, I can't think of doing anything else with my life that doesn't involve being able to create things. 

I am extremely excited for the future of Red Bear Square. I am currently working on a handful of new items, which will be released soon.  The blog for my website is in the works (a project that I got in way over my head with- as I do with most things!) Last, and definitely the most exciting, I'll be bringing my dad (a pretty impressive cabinetmaker) into the mix to collaborate with my on some furniture designs. 

I just opened up shop so the walls are still pretty bare, stay tuned!


*In no particular order