E-Design Services 

These next few steps will help me get a better idea of your design style and personality to start creating your design. Be sure to complete all steps on this page, as the more complete everything is, the more complete of an initial design I will be able to give to you. Don't hesitate to contact me should you need some assistance with any thing.


1. Design Style PROFILE

Help me get a better idea of your personality and design style. If we are working on a multi-room project where rooms will have vastly different qualities (ex: Living Room, Nursery, and Patio) please fill out a profile for each space.

Name *
When making furniture and material selections, should I keep them:
If you use Pinterest for your inspiration, this is a great way to show me what you're looking for in a space!
What is your preferred method of communication during design time?
I promise, I wont send updates to your design page in the middle of the night! :)

2. Room Details


Photos and a floorplan of your space are a helpful reference guide for me. Please use the following guidelides and photo examples to send me a quick view of your space. Photos and floorplans can be emailed to me. This is a great time to send inspiration photos to me as well if you don't have a Pinterest Board :)


Example of floorplan. Click to expand.

  • Take photos of all walls in your space as well as the space as a whole
  • Photograph details
  • Photograph doors, windows, and hallways that connect to the space
  • Photograph the ceiling and any important details
  • Photograph any furniture peices to be kept in the design
  • Take photos during the daytime (this allows me to see what light there is to work with during the day)

Floorplan guidelines and tips

  • If you have a floorplan from your builder or your original home plans- that's a great place to start.  Double check the dimensions.
  • If you don't have access to a floorplan of your space, quickly sketch out a floorplan (you don't have to go overboard with this) 
  • Write notes and labels that would help further clarify floorplan 


  • Measure all walls from corner to corner
  • Measure all structural elements on walls (door, window, hallway, built-in, etc)
  • Other Important features to note on your floorplan;
    • Electrical Outlets
    • Moulding and Waincotting
    • Lighting fixtures
    • Ceiling Height
    • Appliances
  • Double check your dimensions to make sure they add up!