Jamie Clugston New York Redesign Portfolio 2017
Jamie Clugston Library Redesign Portfolio 2017

Online Interior Design Services

Red Bear Square's online interior design services have many of the same benefits of hiring me in-person, except you can be located anywhere in the United States to work with me through e-design. Check out the blog for more information about what we will do during our time together and my process. 


Room Refresh: Styling + Decor

Starting at $450.00

Do you have all of your essential furniture pieces already picked out but are still in need of some great decor items to tie your space together? Maybe your room layout just isn't functional yet? A room refresh could be your answer. 

What's included:

  • Initial web- consult
  • Follow-up web-consult after design has been sent
  • Access to your personal design page
  • Concept + Inspiration boards (one main concept + alternatives to choose from)
  • An e-design package including:
    • Finalized concept boards
    • Purchasing and setup instructions
    • Shopping List with links
    • Additional documents/ per project (if needed) 


Full Room Redesign: Furniture + Decor

Starting at $950.00

A full room e-design is perfect fit for busy families, new homeowners, and D.I.Yers. This package is a great budget-friendly option, while still giving you the chance to work with an interior designer in a time frame that works for you.  

What's included:

  • Initial web-consult
  • Follow-up web-consults during design time and after design has been (up to 2)
  • Access to your personal design page
  • Concept + Inspiration board
  • Design renderings (up to 3 revisions per piece included/ if needed)
  • An e-design package including:
    • Finalized Design Renderings
    • Purchasing and setup instructions
    • Detailed floorplans and elevations as needed
    • Shopping List with links
    • Additional documents/ per project (if needed)


The Extras: A La Carte Services

These services can be added on should you find you need them during your project.

  • Purchasing services
  • Additional web-consult
  • Additional revisions
  • Physical copies of floorplans/renderings


Live In the North Bay Area?

Online design services are available to local residents as well as all residents living within the United States. Check out my local design services to work together in person.


Red Bear Square's Online Interior Design Services have a minimum starting rate/ per room, which is subject to change depending on the scope of your project. A la carte services, or a change in the scope of your project (i.e. adding another room to the design) may change the price of project. Follow the link below to give me a sense of what your project entails and we can discuss pricing and services that will fit your desired budget.


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About Me

Hi! I'm Jamie, the owner and designer behind Red Bear Square. I'm passionate about art and design. My personal design style is organic, colorful, and eclectic. I'm a fan of bold colors and a variety of patterns and textures.