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Interior Design Explained: E-Design

E-design differs from in-person interior design in a few ways. The client is responsible for quite a bit more work than would typically be asked of them- which makes it ideal for the D.I.Y.ers and those with a passion for home projects. Clients will be asked to take measurements and photographs of their space as well as provide a simple floorplan to help me visualize their home since I will not physically be there.

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Interior Design Explained: Installation

Before installation begins, all approved furniture and decor must be ordered. This occurs after clients sign off on items they approve for their design. I never purchase or install items in a clients home they haven't already signed off on. Creating this paper trail of approved items helps me make sure nothing gets overlooked and helps my clients see exactly where their money is going.

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Interior Design Explained: Floorplans and the Construction Documentation Phase

Upon client approval, I can begin working on technical aspects of the project. I create a detailed set of documents that include floorplans, elevations, and schedules. Similar to how renderings help clients see my vision in the design presentation phase, these documents ensure that all contractors, the clients, and I are all on the same page during the install phase.

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Interior Design Explained: Interior Design Presentation

How does it work? I begin by making another site-visit to take photos and measurements of any spaces being redesigned. Reference photos and measurements limit unnecessary site-visits and ensure that I am able to accurately visualize your space while I am picking out furniture and decor.

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Valentine's Day Style: A Sweet Double Date Dinner

A double date night at home is such a brilliant idea. Good food + good friends + the comfort of home= Perfection. I designed this heart-themed tablescape for a small, at-home double date party just in time for Valentine's Day.  I was inspired by pastries for this design, so I looked to some of my favorite cookbooks for inspiration when creating the color palette and picking the textures throughout the design.

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Interior Design Explained: Initial Consultations

Initial consultations are often my first physical point of contact with a client. Clients contact me with a variety of reasons to start their project- the two most common reasons being;

  1. They have just relocated and they need help figuring out how their existing furniture fits into their new floorplan and what needs to be replaced.
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