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Interior Design Explained: E-Design

E-design differs from in-person interior design in a few ways. The client is responsible for quite a bit more work than would typically be asked of them- which makes it ideal for the D.I.Y.ers and those with a passion for home projects. Clients will be asked to take measurements and photographs of their space as well as provide a simple floorplan to help me visualize their home since I will not physically be there.

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Interior Design Explained: Interior Design Presentation

How does it work? I begin by making another site-visit to take photos and measurements of any spaces being redesigned. Reference photos and measurements limit unnecessary site-visits and ensure that I am able to accurately visualize your space while I am picking out furniture and decor.

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The Perks of Online Interior Design

While an interior designer will always produce a beautifully revamped, physical space- the means in which they do it have been changing over the past few years. Advancements in technology have made it easier for us to create affordable designs for budgets across the spectrum and around the globe.

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