Interior Design Explained: E-Design

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Over the last few weeks, I have been talking about what it's like to work on an interior design project with me in-person. This week, I want to give an overview about what it's like to work on an e-design project with me. 

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How Does E-Design Work?

E-design differs from in-person interior design in a few ways. First, the client is responsible for quite a bit more work than would typically be asked of them- which makes it ideal for the D.I.Y.ers and those with a passion for home projects. Clients will be asked to take measurements and photographs of their space, as well as provide a simple floorplan to help me visualize their home, since I will not physically be there. Since I hold video chats and phone meetings rather than having on-site visits, the cost to complete an e-design package is generally cheaper. This is a great way for new homeowners and busy families to fit a beautiful, cohesive design into their schedule without breaking the bank.

Onboarding + Design Presentation

The process of e-design is not much different from in-person design. Once a client submits their project through my website, I will schedule a brief discovery phone call to find out more about their project. Once we determine that the project is able to be done through my e-design services, I schedule a time with my client to virtually walk me through their space through video chat. I will also send a Letter of Agreement to be signed at this time. Different from in-person services, I require full payment for e-design services upfront. 

Once I have received a signed LOA and payment, I will begin the onboarding process with my client and ask for any supplemental sketches, photos, and measurements that I haven't received yet. After this, I will begin working on my design presentation. The first design boards I share with clients are concept+inspiration boards, delivered a few days after receiving the signed LOA. I send these along while I'm creating my presentation to ensure that I'm heading in the direction that the client is envisioning. These are simple boards filled with inspiration images, color schemes and furniture pieces I'm leaning towards for the design. Feedback on these boards is extremely helpful to me.


Depending on how big the project is, the design presentation will be ready anywhere from two to four weeks out. For example, it will take less time to put together a cohesive design for a small living and dining area refresh than a full home redesign. Once it's ready, I give the presentation through video conference. After the presentation, I send all of the presentation materials to the client's personal design hub and we begin working towards a solidified design. I include renderings, design boards, floor plans, samples, and other supplemental material that I think will benefit my clients in my presentations.

Once I present my presentation, there will be things you love and some things that you aren't so crazy about, which is to be expected. I will make changes as needed to the initial design, so timely feedback and collaboration on your part is crucial to keep the project moving forward. The goal here is working toward a final design that you feel confident and happy with.

What are Personal Design Hubs?

I create personal design hubs for all of my projects, both e-design and local. The design hub serves as a home base for each individual project. All forms, design boards, floor plans, and revisions are made available on here for reference.  The design hub also provides direct links to the LOA, invoices, notes and supplemental materials. This makes it easy to review the design and provide feedback. 


Floorplans + Construction Documents

Many e-design projects are simple restyling and decorating projects, and therefore won't require a big construction document set. But for e-design projects that do have some sort of installation that will occur, it is important to me to make sure that I include extra notes on items that I am sourcing for both my client and the contractors that they work with so we are all on the same page. 

Upon client approval, I can begin working on technical aspects of the project. I create a detailed set of documents that include floorplans, elevations, and schedules. Similar to how renderings help clients see my vision in the design presentation phase, these documents ensure that all contractors, the clients, and I are all on the same page during the install phase. Creating various plans and elevations may seem redundant to a homeowner- but this is a huge cost-saver and a step not to be overlooked. A furniture plan alone allows the clients to see how their furniture will fit in their space before they bring it home. The results can be surprising. Many clients find that they have been "over-ambitious" with the amount of furniture they can bring into a space. Having a furniture plan to look at helps them make smart decisions before buying big-ticket items. All documentation is uploaded to the design hub.

Procurement + Installation

With e-design projects, shipping and installation works a few ways;

  1. I provide purchasing services for clients. Clients hire installers to set up their space with the instructions I provide. (Most like in-home design/Least hands-off method. Most $$$)
  2. I provide purchasing services for clients. They install themselves with the instructions I provide. (Peace of mind, a pro is shopping for you. Low $) 
  3. I provide a click-through shopping list and clients do the shopping. Clients hire installers to set up their space with the instructions I provide. (For the busy-mamas and thrifty-mamas. Depending on installers, Low $ - Mid $$)
  4. I provide a click-through shopping list and clients do the shopping. They install themselves with the instructions I provide. (For the true D.I.Y.ers! Low $)

A la Carte Services

As with any design project, there is no one-size fits all method to e-design. Add-on services are available to all of my packages, should you find you need them during your project. These services include; 

  • Purchasing services
  • Additional web-consult
  • Additional revisions
  • Physical copies of floorplans/renderings

Ready to Start Your Project?

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