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This post is part of a series breaking down my design process and what it's like to work on a project together. 

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Once I have a signed Letter of Agreement (LOA) from my client, I can begin working on their project. This moves the project into the design phase. 

How does it work?

I begin by making another site-visit to take photos and measurements of any spaces being redesigned. Reference photos and measurements limit unnecessary site-visits and ensure that I am able to accurately visualize your space while I am picking out furniture and decor. After this, I will begin working on my design presentation. While that is happening, I will send concept+inspiration boards. These are the first design boards I share with clients, delivered a few days after receiving the signed LOA. I send these along while I'm creating my presentation to ensure that I'm heading in the direction that you are envisioning. These are simple boards filled with inspiration images, color schemes and furniture pieces I'm leaning towards for the design. Feedback on these boards is extremely helpful to me.

Concept Board for a UltraGlam Living and Dining Space

Concept Board for a UltraGlam Living and Dining Space

Concept Board for a Bohemian Beach Living Room

Concept Board for a Bohemian Beach Living Room


Depending on how big the project is, the design presentation will be ready anywhere from two to four weeks out. For example, it will take less time to put together a cohesive design for a small living and dining area refresh than a full home redesign. My local presentations are done on-site. I include renderings, design boards, floor plans, samples, and other supplemental material that I think will benefit my clients in my presentations.

While I have the ability to create my renderings by hand, I choose to create my working renderings digitally as I find this is a much more efficient way to work. These are room mock-ups with proposed furniture, decor, and finish selections placed in the room to give you an idea of what they will look like once ordered. 

Once I present my presentation, there will be things you love and some things that you aren't so crazy about, which is to be expected. I will make changes as needed to the initial design, so timely feedback and collaboration on your part is crucial to keep the project moving forward. The goal here is working toward a final design that you feel confident and happy with.

The Client/Designer Relationship

A good designer will work with you to create an ideal design unique to you, but a good designer is also not a mind-reader. Trust and the ability to have open-communication is an essential part of the design/client relationship. When choosing a designer to work with, you must be able to communicate your feelings about what they are presenting to you. If you aren't totally in love with the direction things are moving in, this is something to voice your opinion on. In the same respect, if your worried about offending your designer when you tell them you don't like part of their design, don't be. While we have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a vision, we are not living in your space. The solution must work for you. 

What happens next?

After we have solidified a design plan that you are loving, I can begin purchasing furniture and decor items and working with the builders, vendors, and fabricators that you need to finish the job. Or if you feel confident in doing these tasks yourself, I will provide you with the specifications and shopping lists you need to purchase everything on your own. This will be my topic next week. 

What about e-design?

Once I have received a signed LOA and payment, I will ask for any supplemental sketches and measurements that I haven't received yet. I work through the same steps as I do for local clients to create an e-design presentation. Once it's ready, I give the presentation through video conference. After the presentation, I send all of the presentation materials to your personal design hub and we begin working towards a solidified design.  I will be covering this topic more in-depth in a few weeks! Stay tuned (you can subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of the page if you would like to be notified.)

What are Personal Design Hubs?

I create personal design hubs for all of my projects, both e-design and local. The design hub serves as a home base for each individual project. All forms, design boards, floor plans, and revisions are made available on here for reference.  The design hub also provides direct links to the LOA, invoices, notes and supplemental materials. This makes it easy to review the design and provide feedback. 


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