STYLE FILE: Artful Contemporary

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You are always up to date with the latest trends. You are polished, sophisticated, and a little sexy. In your space you should keep your lines simple but go for striking finishes like glass, chrome, and all things that shine. Don't forget to think big with your art!


The Non-History

Contemporary design is rooted in the trends and evolving styles of present times. The term came to rise around the 1970's, where Contemporary design was used to describe the post-modern style that swept the design world. What is considered Contemporary design today will not have that same title in the future- instead it will be looked at as another period in the history of design and architecture. Often times this style gets confused with Modern design- and rightfully so, given the name. The difference between Modern and Contemporary styles is where Modern style follows a strict set of design rules, Contemporary style diverts from this strict rule set to incorporate an ever-changing blend of styles.   


Today, colors in a contemporary space are generally on the neutral side. Beige, taupe,  cream, white, gray and black make a great backdrop to the furniture and decor. New neutrals are also great to incorporate into your color palette- organic blues and greens and even pale pinks work here. Bold colors are used sparingly- as accents, statement pieces, and art work. 


Patterns + Materials

Set the tone of your space with quality textiles like linens, leathers, silks and high-quality weaves. Bold geometrics are a staple pattern in any contemporary space. These patterns are best suited to accent pieces, like rugs and decor items.


Clean lines throughout architectural finishes will give your space the clean, open look it needs to showcase the pieces inside. Natural elements like brick and wood are a go-to that will help establish these lines. Incorporating glass, stainless steel, and chrome add an updated feel to the space.


Furniture in a contemporary space should be smooth, streamlined, and free of excess embellishments. What sets these pieces apart from other similar styles is choosing furniture with soft, rounded edges rather than crisp, angular ones. 


Decor + Details

Statement Art

Treat your home like an art gallery. To make sure your artwork makes an impact on your space, choose large format art pieces over small-scale pieces. Place sculptures on pedestals to highlight an entry or hall way. Choose a few over-sized accent pieces rather than many small decor items. 

Artistic Lighting 

Add lighting that accentuates wall art and the parts of the room you want to highlight. Track lighting, wall scones, and cove lighting will help you achieve this. 

Seamless Styles

The beauty of Contemporary design is that it is always changing, making it easy to mix styles together. A modern contemporary design will have many differences over a contemporary eclectic look. Take time exploring current design trends and create a space that is unique to you. 


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