STYLE FILE: World Traveler

Maybe you have backpacked across Europe. Or you have traveled to every continent at least four times. (Minus Antarctica.. but your working on that) It's no news that you love to travel. You consider the places that you have traveled to as much your home as the home you live in. When you are home- the one you own, that is- it should be a reflection of the places you have been to. 

A Little History

Traveling and interior design go hand in hand. We travel the world in search of new beginnings, inspiration, and to learn about the world outside of our own little bubble. For many, decorating our spaces by adding pieces collected after returning home is symbolic of a great trip.  This has always been the case in architecture and design- time and time again, you'll see a style made famous by one region being incorporated into another's buildings, homes and products. 



Beautiful color schemes are endless with travel-inspired decor. Whether your space is inspired by a trip to a small town a few states away, or to a completely different country, the same rules apply to creating your palette. Take inspiration from the entire area- the sights you saw, places you visited, the food you ate, the people you met.


Taking in the sights and sounds of a new place can be overwhelming when you first arrive. After this initial shock wears off, and you start to notice the intricacies of a culture different from your own is where you will see the patterns of everyday life. Taking inspiration from the art, architectural details, and clothing is a great place to start.


Blending your newly found decorating style into your own home may seem tricky. A great place to start is with finishes. Creating a clean selection of flooring, tiling, cabinetry will provide a great backdrop for the decor you decide to incorporate in your home.  



Blending styles continues with furniture. Merging statement pieces among clean, timeless silhouettes is important in achieving a cohesive design that isn't being pulled in a million different directions. For example, pair a beautifully shaped cane chair with a simple slipper chair upholstered in a colorful, quilted Kantha fabric.

Decor + Details

Before You Leave

If you have an idea in mind to decorate with your travel finds- be sure to know the essentials about your home before you leave. This will make it easier to pick out furnishings and accents while you are away. Keep measurements and photos of your space handy while you travel.

Keep it Natural 

Maps and suitcases come to mind with thinking about decorating with the wanderlust style throughout your home. Like coastal decor, without a well thought out design, your space can start to feel a bit "theme-park." Curb this by using more subtle decor to get your point across. A vintage trunk, a collection of hats, or a gallery wall filled with framed photos of the places you traveled to will do well in place of cliche decor. 

Unique Finds at Home

There are plenty of ways to decorate like you've been around the world, even if you haven't had the chance to hop on a plane and visit your dream destinations in person. Antique shops, estate sales, and flea markets are great for finding unique pieces at a great price point. Shopping at stores that offer fair-trade goods is another important factor when shopping at home. Fair Trade is trade that promotes fair pricing and safe working conditions to underprivileged communities around the world. 


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