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Source: Flickr/ frans16611

Source: Flickr/ frans16611

The place you call home is where you can track some sand in on your feet. Bright and airy spaces make you feel at ease. Sea-inspired neutrals and natural fibers fit in great with your space. Light-filled rooms are a must to pull off your perfect coastal home.

Red Bear Square Carefree Coastal

East Coast VS. West Coast

In the United States, coastal design has noticeable differences varying upon the West and East coasts. You will find the rich history of the colonies, ties to Britain and Europe, and the American Revolution still live on in present design trends on the East coast. On the West coast, coastal design is less traditional and more laid-back. These interiors have been inspired by a more modern era- Hollywood.  


In coastal interior design, light is your biggest asset to keeping your space feeling bright and open. Sun-soaked rooms painted in whites or sea tones of blues and greens are a solid base to start decorating off of. Adding accent colors to your space similar to those you would find in nature are essential. The possibilities are endless- sandy neutrals, nautical blues and reds, the pinks and oranges from a sunset over the water.

Red Bear Square Carefree Coastal

Patterns + Materials

There are plenty of patterns to use in a coastal interior. The stripe is a classic, timeless pattern that can be used in any space and in a variety of ways. Botanical prints are a star in coastal design as well. Other patterns that are great to use throughout the space are beach-themed. Shells, birds, and ocean themed fabrics are a few that will do the trick here. This balance of timeless patterns, neutrals and beach-themed prints will make your space feel like a 5-star resort, even if you don't have access to the coast.


Natural finishes play a huge role in creating the loveliest coastal interiors.  Weathered and light colored woods help create a great backdrop for other materials and decor. Natural materials like driftwood, sea grasses, and jute add textures and warmth to your space. 

Red Bear Square Carefree Coastal


The furniture in a coastal home will be where everything starts to come together. Mix and match different pieces;

  • Wicker + Rattan
  • Accent chairs with slipcovers
  • Glass top tables
  • Driftwood pieces 
  • Use outdoor fabrics inside

Decor + Details

Carefree Coastal Color Palette Red Bear Square

Keep it kitsch-free

Coastal decor can get a bit "theme park" if the style is not executed properly and well thought out ahead of time. Think bowls full of shells, life preservers and starfish in every nook and cranny of your home. To cull any over-decoration from happening, beach decor items should be interspersed with other decor items. An example- frame your favorite shells and make them into a statement gallery wall with art or family photos.

Plan your greenery 

Plants are a staple in decorating every space. But that doesn't mean every plant belongs in your home.** Ferns, grasses, hosta, sea lavender and agapanthus are plants that thrive in salty conditions on the coast. 

**If you balk at the thought of not having every house plant under the sun in your home (I do!) Check out the Bohemian Style.

 Merging the indoors and out

If you have access to coastline at your doorstep, using outdoor fabrics and furniture is a great idea. These pieces are meant to stand up to more rigorous conditions than indoor pieces. Creating cohesiveness between your exterior spaces and interior spaces is also important to the style. 


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