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The preppy home is a masterfully mixed world of pattern and color (and monograms!) Classic color combos keep your home rooted in tradition, while fun prints like ikat keep things feeling fresh and modern.

SOURCE:  Brit + Co

SOURCE: Brit + Co

A little history

The origins of preppy style are rooted in multiple design styles as well as in fashion. While this style peaked in the 1980's, it has always been around in modern-day design as an eclectic offshoot of traditional design. The Official Preppy Handbook, released in 1980 was a cheeky guidebook on living the Preppy lifestyle. It shed light on how to dress, where to attend college, and how to decorate your home- among other things. To quote TOPH on home styling, "If it must be pinned-down, the look is English-American, with a dash of seaside resort and women's handicraft." Today, preppy style is still in demand. 


What sets the Preppy style apart from traditional design is it's energizing, youthful color schemes. Pink and green are the essential colors in prep style. Combine these with bright candy colors like orange, yellow and turquoise. Navy blue and white are essential and serve as great backdrops for furniture and decor. 

Pattern + Material

There is no pattern too bold or bright for Preppy style. Wide stripes and geometric lattice prints are a must-have. Colorful floral and botanical prints keep the space vibrant.

SOURCE: Dimples and Tangles

SOURCE: Dimples and Tangles


While natural woods work great in a preppy space- painted wood can have greater overall effect. Take note from traditional interiors and install wainscoting throughout your home painted in a crisp white for lovely architectural detail in your space. 


Much like the rest of the style, preppy furniture is an ode to traditional furniture in it's shapes and silhouettes. Where it differs is in upholstery and colors. Give an update to the timeless look of classic furniture by reupholstering pieces with bright, fun colors and patterns.

Decor + Details


Accenting your space with metallic decor is highly encouraged in preppy design. If you feel your preppy space is looking a little too childish with all the color and texture- making a few swaps for metallic pieces will help create a more sophisticated, polished vibe. 

Go with the flow

Pretty in Prep Color Palette.png

While traditional silhouettes are a must, don't be afraid to stray off the beaten path and incorporate more contemporary looking pices in your space. Mixing things up keeps your home looking too dated.


Monograms are a staple in any preppy space. Give your space finishing touches by adding pillows, guest towels, and wall decor with the initials that are unique to your family. 




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