STYLE FILE: Americana Farmhouse

The Americana Farmhouse style proves that decorating with red, white and blue isn't just for the Fourth of July. You feel right at home with a porch swing, some cozy quilts, and a white picket fence around your house. To keep your home from feeling like a holiday novelty, stick with a muted color palette.


A little history

Americana style became popular in the 1940's, once World War II ended. Homeowners began decorating their homes with patriotic themes to evoke a sense of pride following this chaotic period in history when everything was so uncertain. Design-wise, everything had been at somewhat of a stand still in the United States since the Depression. Post-war design picked up quickly with the return of the troops and the recent influx of European immigrants to the country. The need for new housing and new communities was urgent. Suburban single-family homes became the best option for growing middle-class families in America. 


Red, white, and blue are the big players in Americana style. Using different shades of reds and blues create a more complex color palette and adds visual interest to the space. Neutral creams, beiges, and tans work well as backdrops to these bright, primary colors. There are multiple ways to add variety to your palette- Pale sage green adds in a soft, feminine touch while bright yellow adds a modern, artistic feel to your space.  

Pattern + Materials

Popular patterns seen in patriotic decor go farther than the stars and stripes. Checkerboard and paisley are great choices. Quilted materials as well as denim are classic picks as well. If these patterns feel a little too dated, try mixing in some modern geometrics and florals to keep things looking fresh. 



Woodworking plays a big part in the design of an Americana styled home. Custom cabinetry and built-ins are popular, along with crown moulding and wainscoting. Shaker and craftsman style doors are great picks for this style. While hardwood floors should be left their natural color- trim, cabinetry, and built-ins look great in a crisp, white paint. 


While it's dependent on your own personal taste, Americana style today errs a bit on the traditional side. Pick pieces with classic shapes and silhouettes. Reupholstering furniture with a mix of both timeless and updated fabrics will keep your space from looking like you're living in a historical museum. 

Decor + Details


If you love elements of Americana design but contemporary design is more your style, incorporate what you love about the style through color, art, and subtle design hints. You will still get your message across in a design style you are comfortable living in.


Americana Color Palette Red Bear Square.png

Americana style does not stop at red, white, and blue. Another great way to make this design style work is by decorating your home with collected pieces that are iconic symbols in the U.S.. Think along the lines of your favorite diner that has delicious milkshakes and fries. Travel art, vintage fruit and vegetable ads, tin signs, and classic car memorabilia come into play here.


The 1940's was an incredible time for those in Hollywood, and those watching at the movies.  Giving a nod to cinema and television is still a popular way to decorate an Americana home- think movie posters, concept art, and still shots from your favorite classics.


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